North American Tour - 2011


Gose is an Arrasate (Gipuzkoa) based trio formed by Ines Osinaga (singer and trikitixa, ex Ekon), Iñaki Bengoa (percussion and programming, ex Bad f-Line amongst other projects) and Osoron (guitarist and bassist, and member of Gatillazo). Gose began in 2004, as a result of the trio’s sharing of musical ideas. This avant-garde techno-accordion band has a long track record for writing catchy elegant songs on the pretext of keeping accordion tradition alive and at the same time turning everything upside-down. Merging accordion and electronic creates warm, raw, mild atmospheres and dance rhythms. Gose dabbles in everything : world-music, bossa, glam, rock, punk & Basque dance. Gose is one of the Basque Country's hottest acts, and was selected to produce the theme song for this year's edition of Korrika (Euskalakari).


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Basque Cultural Center, Plough & the Stars, Sub-mission





Basque Cultural Center




Basque Cultural Center / Plough & The Stars


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